Cheese Paste Recipe For Chub – A Recipe For Success This Winter

Cheese paste, in my opinion, the best winter chub baits on the planet. It is quick and easy to make, it doesn’t really go off (the older and smellier, the better), and its cheap! I’ve tried sever recipes and this is the one I’ve settled on.


  • 500g frozen shortcrust pastry
  • 500g mature cheddar
  • 450g of blue cheese
  • shortcrust pastry packet mix


Grate the frozen pastry and cheese into a bowl and knead, then sequentially add the dried shortcrust pastry packet mix until you reach a plasticine like consistency. The recipe works fine by itself, but you can add whatever additives you want to it to give you an edge on those bitterly cold winter days. I have read articles where anglers have even added cinnamon or banana flavourings to there cheese paste mixes! Chris added curry powder to his (and it smelled delicious!). I opt for sever cloves of grated garlic cloves and 4/5 heaped tablespoons of turmeric, which makes it a bright yellow colour.

That is my favourite cheese paste recipe, however these are also fantastic recipes for cheese paste:

Recipe 1

  • 500g liquidised bread
  • 500g grated cheddar
  • 2 table spoons of margarine


Add all ingredients into a bowl, mix together then knead. Add any flavourings you like, I usually add Richworth Blue Cheese flavouring. This recipe does need freezing due to the use of liquidised bread. If left out it tends to go slightly hard!

Recipe 2

  • 500g mature cheddar
  • 450g blue cheese
  • Shortcrust pastry packet mix
  • 1 tbspn margarine


Very similar to my first. Follow all steps remove the grated pre-made shortcrust pastry and add dry packet alternative, and add the margarine before you knead.

Give it a go this winter! You will not be disappointed!



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